What Can You Do With Vodka Besides Drink It?

There are lots of ways to use them you mightn't have thought of! www.leighsells.com/vodka

Add a jigger of vodka to your shampoo to help keep your scalp as clean as awhistle.

Does removing a Band-Aid lead to tears in your house? Never fear, vodka ishere! Just dampen the bandage with vodka and it'll dissolve the adhesive, soit's easy to remove. No more ouches!

Fill a spray trigger bottle with vodka, then use it to kill bees & wasps. If itdoesn't kill them, they probably won't care enough to sting you.

You can keep your clothes smelling fresher with vodka — really! Simply spritzyour duds with the stuff—Febreze-style—then hang them to dry in a well-ventilated area. Vodka kills odor-causing bacteria, and only leaves the smell ofclean behind when it's dry.

It's great to remove that nasty mildew from your tub's caulk. It'll leave it brightwhite and kill the germs that lead to mold and other bathroom funk. Justspray, leave it for five minutes, and wipe clean.

Dampen a soft cloth with vodka and wipe the lenses of your glasses. Thevodka will leave them crystal clear and kill germs in one swipe.

Vodka is a terrific astringent. Just put a little on a cotton ball and use it toclean your skin. It'll get it squeaky clean and tighten those pores (not tomention giving it a nice little zing!)