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Agents and sellers may not know that VA loans aren’t as difficult as they used to be. Active duty veterans, National Guard and Reserve are all eligible. Listen along as we discuss the required repairs, inspections, if gifts are allowed and how realtors can explain things to their sellers that is fair and current. Learn how a veteran buyer financially sets themselves up more successfully in a competitive market.

Key Takeaways To Listen For:

  • Brian shares why he loves VA loans
  • Who is eligible for VA financing on residential real estate?
  • What is the current situation with required repairs and inspections
  • Getting a gift depending on type of loan
  • Does the VA use the same standard as the rest of the state
  • How does a veteran buyer financially set themselves up more successfully in a competitive market
  • Can local lender use local appraiser when doing VA appraisal

About Brian Floyd

Brian Floyd with Fairway Mortgage of Concord, North Carolina Lenders who happen to be a veteran himself.


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Can we do a better job for our veterans? (VA Loan Q&A with Brian Floyd)

Aired on:
April 23, 2021

Learn how a veteran buyer financially sets themselves up more successfully in a competitive market.

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