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It can be challenging for people to buy or sell properties as the Covid-19 pandemic continues impacting the market. This crisis has weighed heavily on both commercial and residential real estate. Listen to this episode as I dive into Mike's market data points about the real estate market outlook in 2021, and learn more about the benefits of using Altos Research for your real estate business. Stay tuned for more episodes!

Key Takeaways To Listen For:

  • Introduction to Altos Research and What It's About
  • Information from Market Data Points Vs What People Heard from Social Media
  • Data and Trends About Real Estate Market During Covid 
  • Why Millenials are Late in Household Formation
  • Impacts of Low-Interest Rate on Housing Market Supply and Demand
  • Interesting Data Reports that Public Can See in Altos Research
  • Benefits of Market Action Research (from Altos Research) for Both Sellers and Buyers
  • Interesting Trends in Commercial Real Estate
  • How Altos Research Helps to Overcome Fears in Buying or Selling Property


About Michael Simonsen:

Mike Simonsen is the CEO and owner of Altos Research which is a California-based company that dives into real estate data.

Website:  https://altos.re/ or https://altosresearch.com/


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Using Market Data in Buying or Selling Homes with Michael Simonsen

Aired on:
April 14, 2021

Learn more about the benefits of using Altos Research for your real estate business.

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