Sharing the Wealth

Look at the good you did! Thanks for inviting me everywhere. Merry Christmas, friends! #MoreThanHouses

Veteran's Day Interview of Pawpaw

Timmy, 10, conducts an interview of his Pawpaw, Darrell Thomas, about his military service in the Vietnam War.


Leigh has a very special relationship with the man in the red suit...

Can Pokemon Go help sell real estate?

Curious to know your thoughts on this new craze... Pokemon Go. What do you think? Do you play it?

What Would Leigh Do?

Talking smack can be helpful sometimes in context. Overall, deliver the feedback directly and fairly and move along.

Thanks for the nod, Inman. #MoreThanHouses

I was notified that I have been selected as a finalist for an Inman Innovator Award for Most Innovative Sales Agent.

Leigh's Soapbox | EOG Nonsense in North Carolina

Our children are being OVER TESTED! Not all children are alike! These test do not measure ALL that they have learned.

Feeling honored and young again. #realestateperks

I am flattered and honored that my longtime friend's PARENTS would trust me with selling their home. Plus, it made me feel young again!

LEIGH'S TIP OF THE DAY: How to keep your hotel room card from deactivating

Your road warrior Realtor is back with another tip to save you the dreaded walk of shame downstairs for another key card!

LEIGH'S TIP OF THE DAY: How to get #makeup off of a white jacket!

Leigh was in a pinch and she needed to get foundation off of her white jacket. Just watch and learn.