Dear @RealDonaldTrump

On behalf of Realtors, I gave blood today. I challenge all of the over one million @Realtors to do the same.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Every year, children all over the world write letters to Santa hoping that he will receive their letter and grant them their wishes.

Timmy The Science Guy with Squishy Circuits

Timmy, 9, shows his squishy circuits built using homemade play dough and the circuitry kit from

A Christmas Tradition... The Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC

I just love traditions. And I just love my Mama.

It's Realtor, Not Re-la-tor!

You feel me?? @Realtors #OCAR2015

"What do all those sign riders mean anyway?" Leigh explains.

Having a little fun doing interpretation at #OCAR2015

Stop It.

Your PSA for the week. Can we stop the broadbrushing? Maybe ban comment threads too.

A day in the real estate life.

And the Patriot Act can take a flying leap. #nofluff

Crazy agent phone calls

#1. There is no layaway in real estate.

Why I don't wear white after Labor Day.

Just a little humor y'all. Hopefully will make your Labor Day a good one!