3W’s of Attracting New Listings

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3W for Brokers: Building A Better Listing Agent
3W for Agents: Reboot Your Listing Prospecting Plan

3W’s of Attracting New Listings

Listings. They are the key to our success in real estate. They build our reputations, generate buyer leads, and are the foundation of our very businesses. Whether it’s a market of low inventory or high, every Realtor® wants to know Who to attract, Where to direct those efforts, and What efforts to make. Leigh Brown, one of the most successful listing agents in the country, will shine a white-hot light on a path to success by showing you the ways—using solid data, altering your mindset, and educating your customers, all without fluff—to set yourself apart from your competition and position yourself as an educator who is consumer-focused. 


1.     The student will examine their unique business model and value proposition to determine what niche may hold success.

2.     The student will learn ways to attract the potential sellers in their market niche with marketing and branding ideas that bring value to the consumer public.

3.     The student will know the datasources at their disposal, how to interpret their information, and how to use each to educate the client in best market positioning.

4.    The student will receive ideas for outreach and scripts for success in conversation.