REALTOR® to REALTOR® Relationships

Professionalism in Real Estate — we're going to have a heart-to-heart about keeping things in the family better! We're going to talk about professionalism amongst ourselves, including:

·       Ideas for how to be a team player.

·       How to create better working relationships with each other.

·       What to do when things go sideways.

·       Understand how our Associations are about Community as much as anything else.

·       As REALTORS® we can absolutely overcome everything, including some of the things we think about each other.

Let’s change the paradigm and bring real estate to a higher level for the future.

This course offers fresh thinking on professional courtesies, how to play well in the sandbox and moving forward with better peer to peer relationships with knowledge gleaned from the course, taught by renowned author, motivational speaker and successful Realtor®, Leigh Brown.

Key Takeaways:

How to be a team player in your market

The power of networking and building relationships with peers

How to navigate difficult situations or conversations with peers