Bringing Sexy Back — How We Make Housing Policy Conversational

Bringing Sexy Back--How We Make Housing Policy Conversational

One of the greatest challenges to getting more Realtor® members to understand and invest in RPAC is a lack of understanding of housing policy issues. While flood insurance and MIDare commonly discussed, it's issues like housing affordability and short-term rentals that get members to pay attention and be willing to invest their time in the conversation. Housing issues are generally not perceived as 'sexy', thus they get little play with the media or with elected officials. We, as Realtors®, can learn to speak to these issues that affect all communities and be a part of the broader solutions.

Key Takeaways:

Understand the bigger housing policy issues that make RPAC necessary.

Get passionate about more than flood insurance and the MID with topics that affect communities across the country.

Leaning into the non-partisan/bi-partisan reality of what Realtors® do throughRPAC in a way that the public can understand.

Topic Category:

Legislative & Regulatory Issues

Professional & Personal Development