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We needed some spunk so we’ve invited Marki Lemons to the show! Marki Lemons, a REALTOR®, broker, educator, and speaker has got something to say about the fact that REALTORS® are entrepreneurs and need to start thinking like it! She’ll discuss the importance of having a business plan and niche to really succeed as a REALTOR®. Tune in to hear how education plays a role in everyone’s career, how it played a role in hers, and learn how you can network and learn at the same time.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:30 – Introducing Marki, a broker, educator, and speaker who has been in real estate since 1999
  • 01:20 – Marki came in on the lending side then transitioned over to the selling side 
  • 04:13 – She’s in high demand for speaking and teaching; she got real-world experience before teaching 
  • 06:42 – She loves real estate but is grounded in education; she is happy within her niche
  • 09:00 – She understands the importance of educating the public as well as those within the real estate industry; she is precise and gives real answers
  • 12:30 – On REALTORS® being entrepreneurs
  • 12:47 - REALTORS® need a business plan and a niche to really shine; they should continue learning for the entirety of their career 
  • 13:30 – You can learn something new in every education opportunity; you can also network through those opportunities
  • 15:15 – On how she obtained her broker’s license and what she learned 
  • 15:50 – She learned that she could make more money with fewer transactions with a broker’s license
  • 16:35 – She learned about the MLS ID number and the local realtor’s association when she was first starting out and learned it was going to cost $1,200
  • 17:30 – She realized that she didn’t know anything despite the fact that she studies what she needed to get the license
  • 18:40 – On trying to get on the board of directors at the Chicago realtor’s association 
  • 19:45 – She wasn’t picked three times; they picked someone who wasn’t in the industry
  • 20:20 – She was told that she didn’t volunteer enough and that she should become a licensed real estate educator
  • 21:00 – She was put on the schedule to teach and got on the board of directors 
  • 22:50 – How to reach Marki: Type in her name across all channels and you’ll find her!

3 Key Points

  1. Acknowledgment that you don’t know everything makes you open to learn more. 
  2. Invest in your education!
  3. Not all REALTORS® are created equal. 


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #173: Marki Lemons

Aired on:
November 7, 2019

We needed some spunk so we’ve invited Marki Lemons to the show! Marki Lemons, a REALTOR®, broker, educator, and speaker has got something to say about the fact that REALTORS® are entrepreneurs and...

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