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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if...” – just to shut your dreams right back off again? Erin Bradley, the founder of Pursuing Freedom, decided to keep her dreams top-of-mind and pursue her freedom. She hit rock-bottom and pulled herself right back up again by learning how to leverage passive income from real estate investing. She now has a podcast, blog, book, and online course to teach others how to do the same. Listen in to hear how Erin did it and learn what she does to get past life’s inevitable hurdles. 

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Erin, the founder of Pursuing Freedom, and her journey 
  • 01:30 – They have a podcast, blog, book, and online courses to help people build a life they don’t need a vacation from
  • 01:50 – She knew what she didn’t want from a job; she rode her bike to meet a client and her credit card got declined for a cup of coffee
  • 03:40 – She asked her father how he did it and he said that she needed to do “whatever it takes” 
  • 04:20 – They ended up being able to use the passive income from real estate investing to live the life of their dreams 
  • 06:45 – Erin’s CSIRE story
  • 07:00 – She didn’t find joy in the process of sales but pushed through; in 2011 she was gifted the book “The Go-Giver” 
  • 07:50 – She built a services directory and called family and friends for input and to remind them that she wanted to provide more value than just mortgage lending
  • 08:50 – She built a “tribe” to better serve her “village” and vice versa
  • 09:15 – She now teaches the strategy that was the foundation for her business’s success so that others can build a business that supports the life they want
  • 11:00 – Getting past hurdles
  • 11:05 – She read many books and focuses on what she’s grateful for to manifest more of it
  • 13:00 – She practices active gratitude and strategic energy management 
  • 14:15 – One takeaway from Erin
  • 14:30 – When you goal-set, write , “Wouldn’t it be cool if...”
  • 15:00 – Allow your mind to daydream, then think about why you want it
  • 15:40 – The path will unfold if you focus on it every day with gratefulness and intention
  • 17:00 – Check out her podcast and book titled Pursuing Freedom

3 Key Points

  1. Keep learning and educating yourself.
  2. Gratitude is the key.
  3. Do the damn work! 


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #184: Erin Bradley

Aired on:
January 30, 2020

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if...” - just to shut your dreams right back off again? Erin Bradley, the founder of Pursuing Freedom, decided to keep her dreams top-of-mind.

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