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Ready to get inspired? Maribeth McCauley Lynch, the broker-owner of THRIVE Real Estate in Shrewsbury, MA, has got a story for you that’ll keep you saying, “What are the chances?”. From going to a conference in NYC to reconnecting with a woman she briefly met at a Starbucks there, Maribeth’s story highlights the importance of community, connecting with others, and maintaining relationships. You never know who you may run into, or who may need help down the road – which is why it’s so important to put yourself out there. Listen in to learn what was so crazy about Maribeth’s story - and hear what she has to say about continuing your education, building your own brand, and what’s possible when you collaborate.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Maribeth of Thrive Real Estate in Shrewsbury, MA, 40 miles west of Boston
  • 01:18 - She got into real estate in the 80s, took 10 years off to raise her children, then got back into it in 2000 - 20 years ago
  • 01:45 - How she has seen the real estate industry change for women
  • 01:55 - Wives used to get customers through their husbands; in the 2000s when she returned, women were doing it all themselves
  • 03:15 - Maribeth’s positive CSIRE story
  • 03:30 - Her grandmother used to say if you talk to someone long enough; Maribeth has always enjoyed doing that
  • 04:20 - She went to a conference in NYC alone and was nervous; she went to listen and be a fly on the wall
  • 05:00 - She sat at the farthest table in a Starbucks and a woman took the empty seat across from her and started talking to her
  • 05:15 - They talked about their classes and their conference experience; they exchanged business cards
  • 05:40 - A few weeks later, she had some clients that were moving to Colorado but they were having trouble with the listing agent there
  • 6:20 - They gave her the name of the listing agent and it was the name of the woman - the only person that Maribeth had met - at the NYC conference
  • 06:45 - She had also just received a thank you card from the woman at the conference
  • 07:00 - The girl that had moved to Colorado ended up being her virtual assistant and later her full-time in-person office manager
  • 07:15 - Don’t be afraid to make connections and meet people; you never know what can happen
  • 09:00 - REALTORS® are connectors; they value relationships and love people
  • 10:05 - The fact that REALTORS® are connectors helps buyers and sellers 
  • 11:30 - Ask your REALTOR® if they go to conferences or continue their education in any other way
  • 12:20 - On REALTORS® with their own brand
  • 12:40 - At that same conference, Maribeth saw many independent REALTORS® with their own brands; she was inspired and created her own company
  • 13:40 - The real estate business is so fun, especially when you see others as colleagues, not competitors; there’s plenty of business to go around
  • 14:25 - Stay in your lane, follow your passion, and connect with your contacts; there’s abundance out there
  • 14:59 - What Maribeth does at Christmastime 
  • 15:00 - She started a business association in her town; they realized they didn’t have a winter celebration
  • 15:45 - A group of eight people started “The Yuletide Market”, which they planned for 10 months with sponsors, entertainment, etc; 2,300 people were in attendance
  • 16:40 - They put Christmas lights on the common for the first time and hope it’ll happen year after year 
  • 17:30 - It takes someone to start it; celebrate and support local REALTORS® because they’re often the ones to catalyze community events 
  • 19:00 - You community deserves your energy and enthusiasm

3 Key Points

1.)   It’s a small world if you make connections and talk to people. 

2.) Work with people who are interested in continuing their education and growth. 

3.) Get out there and get inspired!



Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #185: Maribeth McCauley Lynch

Aired on:
February 6, 2020

Ready to get inspired? Maribeth McCauley Lynch, the broker-owner of THRIVE Real Estate in Shrewsbury, MA, has got a story for you that’ll keep you saying, “What are the chances?”. From going to a...

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