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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Have you ever had a lightbulb moment where you realized that the time and effort you were putting towards something just wasn’t worth it? Minesh Bhindi, a wealth manager, investor, speaker, and CEO of Perfect Portfolio did - and all it took was an unwanted call in the middle of the night to change a lightbulb. Now, he dedicates himself to coaching and mentoring others who want to experience more freedom in their lives and invest safely – but with maximum returns. He knows that investing can be risky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have good mentors in your corner. Listen in to learn some investment advice from a pro and hear how he balances his investment portfolio.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:30 – Introducing Minesh, a real estate professional who got into the industry at 16 years old in London
  • 02:00 – He attributes his success at a young age to the fact that he didn’t care about hearing “no”; he could walk away and it wouldn’t affect his life
  • 02:30 – He managed to negotiate about 20 million pounds by the time he was 18 years old and purchased his own properties in London
  • 02:40 – His mentor started teaching him about the stock market and other investments
  • 03:00 – The worst experience he’s ever had in real estate
  • 03:10 – At 11pm on a Saturday night, he was called to change a lightbulb at one of his properties; he asked for them to do it but they refused
  • 03:20 – He was teaching people about having financial freedom and was upset that he was driving around to change a lightbulb
  • 03:40 – After that point, he decided to leverage the stock market to do real estate like a hedge fund would
  • 03:50 – Property Profits for Life
  • 05:00 – Minesh teaches people to invest with a fully diversified portfolio and better returns with physical real estate
  • 05:00 – Minesh’s response to those who say real estate is too risky of an investment
  • 05:00 – He agrees, if you don’t know what you’re doing or have the right coaches advising you
  • 06:30 – Know what you really want before investing in real estate; it’s not usually the property, it’s what real estate can bring you
  • 07:45 – On burning bridges
  • 08:10 – He teaches his students to identify that “no more” moment where they’re unwilling to continue on with the way they’ve been doing things
  • 09:00 – He had the tools and people to teach him a better way; he’s now that person for others
  • 09:45 – Work smarter and leverage your time better
  • 10:20 – Some pointers about REITs
  • 11:30 – He works with about 150 people a year and focuses on his long-term investments
  •  11:45 – The REIT that he likes the most is VNQ, which is a REIT ETF, not just a REIT, and has brought him impressive results
  • 12:50 – The dividend isn’t huge if only considering the short-term but is has a huge reach across multiple sectors of real estate
  • 14:00 – A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust
  • 14:40 – If you don’t have the capital
  • 14:55 – Find someone who does and start saving so you can invest
  • 15:50 - Go to the Perfect Portfolio homepage to learn more and take this free 1-hour webinar to learn a hassle-free investment strategy
  • 16:15 - Gold and silver investments 
  •  14:55 – Minesh aims for his portfolio to be 40% real estate, 40% in the stock market, and 20% in gold and silver; gold and silver go up with everything else
  • 17:45 - He’s not a doomsday guy and is optimistic about the future


3 Key Points

1.)  Identify what you really want and build your portfolio with that goal in mind. 

2.) Investing is hard - if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

3.) Coaching and mentorship are critical to avoid costly and careless mistakes. 



Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #190: Minesh Bhindi

Aired on:
March 12, 2020

Have you ever had a lightbulb moment where you realized that the time and effort you were putting towards something just wasn’t worth it? Minesh Bhindi, a wealth manager, investor, speaker, and CEO...

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