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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Who got the last laugh in this story? Jamil Damji, a real estate wholesaler and coach, shares how he was hit by the market downturn, turned to comedy for a few years, then came back alive, kickin’ and ready to crush the real estate game. He shares his journey, information about his company KeyGlee, and how he pivoted from media to real estate. Listen in to hear about Jamil’s business partners - and hear what he learned about himself when working with people much younger than him.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Jamil, the president and co-founder of KeyGlee and a real estate wholesaler
  • 03:00 - In 2002 he owned a media company; they would call business owners and ask if they wanted to buy a website
  • 03:50 - He lost $100 with every sale; he overheard his business partner talk about buying old houses in the inner city and making a profit off them
  • 04:50 - He wanted to get involved; he walked by a “For Rent By Owner” house the next morning 
  • 05:30 - He asked how much they’d sell it for and the woman said $350,000; he went back to his business partner’s dad and he said he’d buy it for $400,000
  • 06:05 - He didn’t know how to quarterback the transaction; he called an attorney who helped
  • 07:30 - He was hooked on the business model; he started a business finding building lots for builders and buildings 
  • 08:25 - His job connects the dots for people so they don’t have to
  • 09:00 - The crash of 2008
  • 09:15 - He invested all his money in developments - and got his family in on it, too; he bankrupted himself and his whole family
  • 09:30 - The whole family moved into a two-bedroom apartment; they had to start over and he went to LA to become a comedian
  • 10:15 - After the crash, he went back into real estate by starting at the bottom; he worked in comedy and made money from sketches
  • 12:00 – How KeyGlee came about
  • 12:15 - He moved to Phoenix in 2012 and started getting deals; he needed buyers and his business partners were smarter than him
  • 13:30 - He partnered with two young guys who have helped him tremendously
  • 14:20 – What’s next for KeyGlee; franchising is coming soon
  • 15:10 - How to contact Jamil: On Instagram 

3 Key Points

1.)  Be honest when doing assignment contracts. 

2.) Don’t underestimate the whipper-snappers!

3.) Live in a world of abundance!



Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #197: Jamil Damji

Aired on:
April 30, 2020

Who got the last laugh in this story? Jamil Damji, a real estate wholesaler and coach, shares how he was hit by the market downturn, turned to comedy for a few years, then came back alive, kickin’ and

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