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Want to become a real estate investor without all the heavy lifting? Jeff Schechter, the CEO and co-founder of High Return Real Estate, has created a solution for investors who want to add more real estate to their portfolio without adding more headaches. Because he lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana, his clients rest easy knowing he and his team are just a hop and a skip from their properties. Listen in to hear Jeff’s crazy experience with trashed homes and shady infrastructure regulation - and learn how to make sure you’re up-to-date on the local politics that could impact your bottom line. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:30 – Introducing Jeff, the CEO and co-founder of High Return Real Estate in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 00:50 - His company is a turnkey solution for real estate investors/ owners who don’t want to manage their properties but want to reap the benefits
  • 01:50 - He got into the industry through his digital marketing agency; a client wanted to chat with him about a potential business idea
  • 02:45 - After a call and brainstorming session, High Return Real Estate was born; they are a by-investors-for-investors company
  • 04:50 – On being in lower-to-middle priced areas
  • 05:22 - They make sure tenants are safe and taken care of while still making sure the investor is maximizing their investment; their processes are transparent
  • 06:20 - Their clients are mostly out-of-state; rent control in the other states could be a factor
  • 07:35 - Real estate is cyclical; Jeff believes in the free-market economy and sees the coronavirus economy as part of the natural cycle 
  • 09:30 - They consider the price-to-rent ratio when thinking about which markets to enter; they also consider landlord-friendly laws
  • 12:00 – Jeff’s price-to-rent ratio formula
  • 12:05 - They’ve started using a percent rule on their worksheets; the use a “gross rent multiplier” and starts at 1%
  • 13:15 - Sometimes they get deals from wholesalers, hedge funds, and by researching; they have a lot of valuable relationships and can buy things cheaper
  • 14:00 - They have merit because they’re local; they don’t mark up their prices a lot because they work with volume
  • 15:15 - Their markup is basically on the construction and re-hab; gentrification is happening in the city and is causing some upper price pressure
  • 16:40 – Jeff’s CSIRE story
  • 17:00 - Sometimes it’s mindblowing how people leave a property; part of the rehab cost is the cleanup and sometimes a professional crew needs to come it
  • 18:12 - They did a beautiful rehab to property but there was an issue with a water meter and crawlspace; they fixed in and the city rejected their work
  • 18:40 - They wanted a line created to the street; they wanted the owners to pay for the infrastructure if they wanted water to flow to the property
  • 20:40 - Pay attention to local politics and infrastructure, be involved, and as an investor work with people that live and know the area

3 Key Points

1.)  Consider the price-to-rent ratio as an investor. 

2.) Pay attention to local politics where you choose to invest. 

3.) Engage with a team that is local when looking to invest elsewhere.

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #201: Jeff Schechter

Aired on:
June 4, 2020

Want to become a real estate investor without all the heavy lifting? Jeff Schechter, the CEO and co-founder of High Return Real Estate, has created a solution for investors who want to add more real

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