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Podcast: Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate TM

Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Are you a financial underdog? According to Damion Lupo, we all are — but we also have the power to reclaim control of our finances and our future. Listen in to learn Damion’s investing advice, what he’s doing right now, and how to land yourself a killer mentor (not just a coach) who can help you gain and learn from valuable experiences. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:30 – Coronavirus conversation
  • 04:30 - On Financial Underdogs; everyone’s a financial underdog and it’s about exposing the truth and giving hope and information
  • 05:20 - Damion’s background
  • 05:25 - He lived in Alaska; his background is in real estate and he made great money
  • 06:28 - He got an overinflated ego, lost a lot of money, was over-leveraged and had to start over; he shifted into something that’s more than just money
  • 06:55 - That’s how Financial Underdogs came to be and how he learned
  • 08:40 - What he did do is take action and go through the experience 
  • 10:00 - Damion’s advice
  • 10:25 - Invest in yourself; it’s not about the money, money makes us lazy and stupid
  • 11:05 - Borrow smartly and don’t be average; create value and get out there to get experience
  • 13:30 - Go to MeetUp groups and just show up; make mistakes, gain lessons
  • 14:40 - On EQRP
  • 14:50 - It’s taking control of your money and taking it off Wall Street and onto Main Street; it’s the Ferrari of 401k’s
  • 15:30 - You want a diversified mix of investments
  • 16:30 - He’s not buying right now; he’s holding and buying things that are real and that he can understand
  • 17:00 - More lessons
  • 17:30 - Be patient and know when to take a time-out
  • 18:20 - How to learn more: go to EQRP.co, text EQRP to 72,000, and/or send Damion a (real) message on LinkedIn

3 Key Points

1.)  Own your experience.

2.) Don’t let your ego get in the way. 

3.) A coach has learned something, a mentor has experienced it.

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #218: Damion Lupo

Aired on:
October 8, 2020

Are you a financial underdog? According to Damion Lupo, we all are — but we also have the power to reclaim control of our finances and our future. Listen in to learn Damion’s investing advice, what...

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