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Flood insurance for the house on the hill? You got that right! Jeffrey Brogger, a real estate investor and marketer, shares the story of when flood insurance really saved the day. Listen in to hear Jeffrey’s top investing tips, why he believes strongly in coaching, and what he did to expand his network—and learn what book changed the game. 

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:30 - Introducing Jeffrey, a real estate investor in Huntington Beach, CA
  • 01:45 - Jeffrey’s CSIRE story
  • 01:50 - He read Rich Dad Poor Dad in high school
  • 02:15 - He inherited property in high school; it was a ranch home with avocado groves around it
  • 03:00 - A pipe burst under the floorboards; there were 3 feet of water under the home and they had to empty the house 
  • 03:40 - Luckily, they had flood insurance; his sisters helped him redo the home from the bottom to the top
  • 04:45 - The lessons
  • 04:50 - Sometimes investors forget about the maintenance and emergency costs that come with a property
  • 05:05 - The crawlspace under the house is what got flooded; it’s all developed around that house now
  • 06:22 - Any house can get flooded, it’s not just for homes near a river; insurance matters on investment properties
  • 07:10 - Why they kept the property instead of selling it
  • 07:30 - He was an advocate for keeping it; they made it work and had good tenants
  • 08:40 - Investment tips: Have a clear vision and never over leverage yourself
  • 09:15 - Jeff maxes out at an 80% loan-to-value for a single-family home; everyone’s numbers are different and based on a variety of factors
  • 11:25 - He’s gun shy and considers himself conservative when it comes to real estate investing
  • 11:50 - Jeff predicts that some correction is bound to happen
  • 12:25 - Investing in things you understand and always pay for coaching
  • 15:05 - Read and keep learning; education doesn’t stop after school
  • 15:35 - The best education he has received
  • 16:05 - Local investment club meetings
  • 16:50 - Everyone is looking for the deal; the money and everything else is actually easier to find
  • 17:15 - He learned to provide value and build valuable relationships; he wasn’t looking just to take
  • 18:15 - QR code technology pre-COVID
  • 19:15 - A photo with a small QR code would send people your contact card automatically or subscribe them to your FB business page for follow-ups
  • 19:40 - People loved the technology and are still using it today
  • 20:20 - What’s next for Jeff
  • 20:25 - He’s getting his real estate license
  • 22:00 - How to reach Jeff: LinkedIn

3 Key Points

1.)  Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and make your kids read it!

2.) A correction is coming, so get ready.

3.) Invest in things you understand and get coached by an expert!

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #229: Jeffrey Brogger

Aired on:
December 24, 2020

Flood insurance for the house on the hill? You got that right! Jeffrey Brogger, a real estate investor and marketer, shares the story of when flood insurance really saved the day. Listen in to hear...

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