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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Who came here to PAAAAARRRTYYYY!? REALTORS®, apparently! On today’s show, Jordan Scheltgen, co-founder and managing partner of Cave Social, talks about the day he realized that real estate professionals really know how to get down. He also learned the magic key to setting yourself apart from all the other REALTORS® out there – and the best way to do it using social media platforms, technology, and the one thing only YOU have: Your story. Listen in to hear more about Coyote Ugly: Realtor Edition – and get some good advice on how to get in front of your target audience.  

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Introducing Jordan, co-founder and managing partner of Cave Social, a digital advertising agency whose clients are 50% real estate professionals
  • 01:50 – He also writes about leadership on INC
  • 02:30 – The surprising things he found about real estate
  • 02:35 – The complexity of the tools offered to real estate professionals and how little they used them to further their business
  • 03:15 – The nuances of marketing in real estate; you aren’t just promoting the house, you’re promoting the town, neighborhood, lifestyle
  • 03:30 – The number of hands in play when a house goes from listed to sold
  • 04:30 – The workflow of a REALTOR®
  • 04:45 – Realtors don’t have a structured 9-5 job, so they often find themselves working long hours because they can’t “turn off” and balance work and life
  • 05:30 – Solutions Jordan has found for the challenges he has seen
  • 05:40 – Have one day a week off; if you can’t do that, your system is broken
  • 06:25 – Jordan’s first CSIRE story
  • 06:32 – At his first conference in the Orlando Convention Center, the CEO of a massive brand went onstage and played the guitar
  • 07:08 – All the REALTORS® went wild; it was a “rager” at 9am
  • 07:35 – The booth next to him was selling IPads at half off; the guy said he was building trust and getting a name and email for it
  • 08:15 – That vendor no longer exists
  • 08:35 – There was an after party at a local bar with hundreds of REALTORS®; it looked like Coyote Ugly - REALTOR® version – at a sit-down restaurant
  • 09:02 – Men were taking their shirts off and everyone was dancing; the energy was mind-blowing
  • 10:00 – What Jordan does
  • 10:12 – He helps people tell their story through a variety of avenues; each brand and story is unique and should make you stand out from the rest
  • 11:00 – All REALTORS® look the same to a consumer; it’s the REALTORS® story that makes them select who they feel is best
  • 11:15 – A story that resonates with Jordan
  • 11:21 – A lady in South Carolina creates videos in her car about neighborhoods, buyer tips, etc., and she get 50-60,000 views per video
  • 11:54 – She has positioned herself as a helping hand and authority in the area; she knows what she’s talking about
  • 12:15 – Advice from Jordan: What to ask a REALTOR®
  • 12:24 – Ask what their specialty is – they should have one
  • 13:45 – How to contact Jordan

3 Key Points

  1. Find ways to optimize your hours.  
  2. Your story should set you apart from the rest.
  3. Ask what your REALTORS® specialty is; if they say they don’t have one, look elsewhere.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #147: Jordan Scheltgen

Aired on:
April 11, 2019

Who came here to PAAAAARRRTYYYY!? REALTORS®, apparently! On today’s show, Jordan Scheltgen, co-founder and managing partner of Cave Social, talks about the day he realized that real estate...

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