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Today’s theme is “Be like Rose” – and soon you’ll find out why. Rose La Pira, a REALTOR® of 36 years in Bergen County, has some wise tips for newcomers in the industry. Listen in to learn her effective open house strategy, what she thinks about volunteer work, and why she’ll never photograph a house without a walkthrough and checklist again.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:50 – Introducing Rose; she lives in New Jersey and sees New York from her home windows and has been in the business for 36 years
  • 02:03 – She lives minutes from New York in Bergen County, New Jersey; many people want to live in that area
  • 02:20 – She’ll get her realtor emeritus pin in 4 years; it was hard to go from 7,000 square feet to a 39th floor condo
  • 05:20 – What Rose has experienced along the way
  • 05:40 – To pack up anything you don’t need and make sure everything is in great condition during showings and photoshoots
  • 06:30 – Rose’s CSIRE story
  • 07:00  -She sold a million dollar home that was beautifully staged; when she went back with a photographer, it was a mess
  • 07:18 – They never photographed two rooms because they were packed with stuff
  • 07:40 – She learned to always have checklists and to check out the house before the photographer comes
  • 08:55 – On open houses
  • 09:05 – She thinks open houses are better during odd hours for a shorter amount of time; everyone comes in at the same time and is more serious
  • 11:20 – Always have a partner with you when you do an open house
  • 12:05 – A message for others in real estate
  • 12:30 – Get involved, be known, collaborate, and connect; the benefit is that people will want to do business with you and trust you
  • 14:20 – Consumers should select REALTORS® who are involved in their community
  • 15:15 – She’s happy to mentor others in the industry

3 Key Points

  1. Have checklists so you don’t forget anything!
  2. Do something different than your competition.
  3. Be like Rose by getting involved and mentoring others.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #161: Rose LaPira

Aired on:
July 25, 2019

Today’s theme is “Be like Rose” – and soon you’ll find out why. Rose La Pira, a REALTOR® of 36 years in Bergen County, has some wise tips for newcomers in the industry. Listen in to learn her...

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