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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Question: When do you know a listing appointment has taken a turn? Answer: When the conversation topic changes from the home to penises and circumcisions! You heard it here first, folks! Paula Brahan, a REALTOR® in Hattiesburg, MS, has been on the show before, but we had to bring her on again to share her most recent crazy shit. Listen in to find out what the heck happened – and learn what crazy things her client had been collecting.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:20 – Introducing Paula Brahan; a REALTOR® in Hattiesburg, MS who has been in real estate for 5 years
  • 02:20 – She was a nurse for 23 years and worked in psychiatry; she knows how to deal with crazy
  • 02:50 – Paula’s CSIRE story
  • 03:08 – She went to a listing appointment 30 minutes away; it was a rural community
  • 03:30 – The cigarette odor was very strong inside; the home was neat but the woman “collected” a lot of things
  • 04:30 – There were a couple rooms that they had not entered because of the amount of “collections” inside
  • 05:00 – She was very concerned about her things; Paula tried to change the conversation to the issue of the cigarette odor
  • 05:44 – She suggested some ways to part with the belongings, like taking photos and making albums of the belongings
  • 06:30 – The appointment took a turn when the woman said her middle son was circumcised and she kept the little plastic piece in a scrapbook
  • 08:02 – Another CSIRE story
  • 08:30 – A woman’s husband died three days before closing
  • 09:00 – How to get in touch with Paula: text (601)606-6686, call her office at (601)668-1600, or visit her website

3 Key Points

  1. Being a psychiatric nurse and being a REALTOR® isn’t that different.
  2. Some people collect everything.
  3. Be mindful of how you inform someone about their home’s odor or messiness.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #163: Paula Brahan

Aired on:
August 8, 2019

Question: When do you know a listing appointment has taken a turn? Answer: When the conversation topic changes from the home to penises and circumcisions! You heard it here first, folks!

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