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On today’s episode of Crazy Shit in Real Estate™, Leigh sits down for an interview with The Real Estate Geek, Tony Iacoviello. Listen as Tony talks about the time he wandered into a nudist mobile park, only to end up selling and listing many of the properties in there. Tony will also highlight other nude encounters and explain how he handles a lack of clothing in the professional setting.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:37 – Tony’s introduction
  • 01:00 – Tony does real estate in Toronto, Canada
  • 02:24 – Tony seems to attract nudists
  • 03:36 – Tony’s first story starts with the mobile home park
  • 04:53 – Tony started working in a nudist trailer park
  • 05:02 – Meet a lot of clients there
  • 05:10 – Nudists don’t mind if you show up wearing clothes
  • 05:25 – “You’ll hear a lot of stories there”
  • 06:20 – Trying to be a professional, Tony took his first meeting with grace
  • 07:02 – Try your best not to stare!
  • 07:34 – Don’t talk about it (nudity) much
  • 08:01 – Tony’s friend had monopoly on the park’s listings
  • 08:26 – One gentleman from the park approached Tony
  • 08:58 – The gentleman pulls Tony to the side and starts sharing stories
  • 09:18 – Tony and the gentleman developed a certain kind of friendship
  • 10:05 – Tony runs into the gentleman in the bar and the gentleman buys him a drink
  • 10:20 – Tony and Mike were sitting at the bar and Bob comes in
  • 10:43 – Mike says he gave Bob a heart attack 25 years ago
  • 14:40 – Bob makes his way to Mike and Tony at the bar
  • 14:47 – Tony quickly finishes up his beer to go home
  • 14:55 – As Tony was about to excuse himself, Bob turns to him and says, “Did Mike ever tell you the story of how he gave me my first heart attack?”
  • 15:25 – Tony worked as a buyer’s assistant with his friend on the nudist park
  • 15:49 – Tony sold a bunch of the mobile homes
  • 16:28 – Another nudist client emailed Tony
  • 16:53 – The client wanted to sell his home and buy one in Hamilton
  • 18:08 – The client says he wanted to be comfortable in his own home
  • 18:18 – For the listing presentation, client says he wants to be naked the entire time!
  • 18:38 – The client’s name was very similar to a person Tony knows
  • 19:00 – Tony gave it a shot
  • 19:37 – The client seemed to get the impression that Tony was going to get naked with him!
  • 19:45 – Tony explained that he dealt with different clients with different backgrounds
  • 20:45 – Hamilton is a multi-cultural place
  • 21:06 – Client says he frequents one of the nudist parks – Ponderosa
  • 21:26 – Tony declined going to Ponderosa
  • 21:38 – Before going to the client’s house, Tony phoned his friend, Conrad
  • 22:02 – “I just wanted you to know the lengths I would go to, to make you money”
  • 22:09 – Conrad got nervous so Tony told him the story –and Conrad wished him luck
  • 22:23 – Tony went over the house and the client was actually clothed!
  • 22:47 – Client confirms to Tony that he’s okay with the nudism thing –and stripped down naked!
  • 23:08 – They ended up the listing presentation that way and client again asked Tony if he wanted to try it
  • 23:18 – Tony declined politely
  • 23:57 –Find Tony through The Geeky Agent
  • 24:06 –Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
  • 24:30 – Are you a listener with a crazy story to share? Ping Leigh at noflufftraining.com

Key Points:

  1. In real estate, you have to be prepared for everything—even nudist clients.
  2. Respect other people’s beliefs and their way of life.
  3. Decline politely when offered something you don’t want.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 10: Tony Iacoviello

Aired on:
October 7, 2016

On today’s episode of Crazy Shit in Real Estate™, Leigh sits down for an interview with The Real Estate Geek, Tony Iacoviello. Listen as Tony talks about the time he wandered into a nudist mobile...

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