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AJ is a star, and not just on the dance floor or roller rink! Tune in to learn how AJ took over a roller rink, hosted a skating party, got made fun of by strange association tenants, and still managed to become an “accidental volunteer leader.” Learn why volunteer leaders matter in real estate – and not just for realtors, but for homeowners and homeowners-to-be, too.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:55 – AJ’s background: She is in Dayton, Ohio and focuses on property management, commercial, residential and receivership, and has been in the business for 25 years
  • 01:27 – What is receivership?
  • 01: 30 – She goes in and takes over things on behalf of courts and law firms; businesses to run and real property
  • 01:41 – This can be an inn, a roller skating rink, an industrial warehouse operation, office buildings, hotels, multi-family units; all could be at a moment’s notice
  • 02:06 – They also do residential and property management
  • 02:20 – How did taking over a roller skating rink happen? What’s the story?
  • 02:34 – She used to skate and was good; when she took it over she shut it down, invited a ton of friends, and had a skating party
  • 03:17 – She didn’t buy the rink, but her friend bought it to showcase his luxury cars
  • 03:50 – AJ’s crazy story
  • 04:00 – She never expected to be made fun of by people in the Condominium and Home Owner’s Associations
  • 04:15 – Strange people can live in the associations and have strange ideas despite state law that dictates otherwise
  • 04:41 – She tried to encourage to clients to buy into the associations so they participate in what is going on because they’ve already made the investment
  • 05:20 – You can’t complain about the decisions if you aren’t apart of the association’s decision-making process
  • 06:20 – She is going to be the president of the state of Ohio in 2019; she is an “accidental volunteer leader”
  • 06:42 – She is from a small brokerage that she started with her father; at her local board, you must be president before you can be president or officer in Ohio
  • 07:00 – She couldn’t get on the board of directors and had tried for years; she kept missing because she was from such a small brokerage
  • 07:20 – They appointed her on two different years and asked her to run for Treasurer and she won
  • 08:03 – One reason why this role has been worth her time/energy and why it matters that she, as a volunteer leader, is involved in a real estate deal?
  • 08:28 – The friendship and contacts that you gain make it easy to close a deal because you have personal connection with other agents
  • 09:20 – Hire a volunteer because they are up-to-date, involved, and lobbying on the homeowner’s behalf
  • 10:10 – In volunteer leadership you get someone who knows all changes that affect your home and sale
  • 10:35 – When interviewing realtors, always ask how invested they are in political advocacy work to affect policy in ways that help you as the consumer
  • 11:15 – Why AJ is a star
  • 11:20 – She is a competitive ballroom dancer and loves dancing
  • 11:35 – She’s done “Dancing with the Stars” and have competed with many pros head-to-head
  • 12:20 – How to reach AJ: Her company’s website or call her at (937) 609-4281
  • 12:50 – Contact Leigh if you want to learn how to get involved

3 Key Points:

  1. As a homeowner, it is important to get involved with your association so you can impact its decisions and policies.
  2. Active volunteer leadership as a realtor guarantees friendships and contacts that prove useful when needing to close a deal or work with another agent.
  3. As a client, always hire a volunteer because they’ll be up-to-date, involved, and lobbying on your behalf.


Audio Production by Chris Mottram

Show Notes provided by Melissa Valder

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 105: AJ Frye

Aired on:
January 22, 2018

AJ is a star, and not just on the dance floor or roller rink! Tune in to learn how AJ took over a roller rink, hosted a skating party, got made fun of by strange association tenants, and...

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