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Have no fear, the Real Estate Superhero is here! Jeremias “J-Man” Maneiro, a realtor in Rochester, NY, tells us the story of when he carried a client through her entire home tour, and how that moment officially bestowed him with true superhero status. But this superhero’s not just muscle. Tune in to hear how he cared for his client before and after her broken ankle surgery, despite how motivated she was to buy. And, for all you cold-weather dwellers, J-Man’s got some valuable advice that could save you an insurance claim worth nearly as much as your home.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Jeremias “J-Man” Maneiro’s background
  • 01:00 – He started in real estate in 2005 when he was 25, he’s in Rochester, NY, he and his wife Christina are a real estate team, and they’ve been married for 10 years
  • 02:55 – They met at a company Christmas party when they found out they have the same birthday
  • 03:35 – J-Man’s CSIRE story
  • 04:00 – What makes him different, what makes him a Real Estate Superhero, started from this one story when he was showing homes to a young couple
  • 04:05 – In the second to last house, the woman falls on the front step; he heard a snap and told them they could stop but husband told her to “suck it up”
  • 04:55 – Husband thought the next house was the one, so he said to go to it and they could go to the hospital afterwards
  • 05:30 – He liked the house and came back out to get the wife from the car; they carried the wife through the whole house
  • 06:30 – They wanted the house but went to urgent care first; she had broken her ankle, was rushed into surgery, and wrote an offer that day (after the drugs wore off)
  • 07:25 – She tells the story to her friends and family and says her “Real Estate Superhero” carried her through the whole house
  • 08:12 – Reminder to carry short-term disability insurance as a realtor in case something like that were to happen to you, and not your client
  • 08:43 – J-Man made sure his client was in the right state-of-mind before allowing her to write an offer
  • 09:03 – A professional realtor stands out for being careful, thoughtful, and with integrity
  • 10:20 – A piece of advice for sellers
  • 10:50 – He’s had at least 8 different clients that have had frozen pipes, which can cause extreme water damage, when they move out and leave their home vacant
  • 11:10 – He suggests winterizing the house because it’s not worth the risk
  • 11:32 – Someone his brother referred him to had thought he could control his furnace and home appliances from his phone, but the thermostat had run out of batteries
  • 11:50 – A main waterline had broken on the second floor of the house and it sounded like a waterfall from next door; water was coming out of the basement windows
  • 12:07 – They were already in contract and they had a $78,000 claim against the water damage on a $95,000 home
  • 12:30 – This is why you hire a realtor; things will always happen in a transaction, but the realtor is the glue that keeps the transaction going
  • 12:50 – It worked out in the buyer’s advantage because she could select the changes during the reconstruction

3 Key Points

  1. Carry short-term disability insurance as a realtor.
  2. Be a real estate superhero by going above and beyond for your clients.
  3. A realtor is the glue in your real estate transaction that make sure everything works out.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 122: Real Estate Superhero - Jeremias Maneiro

Aired on:
June 12, 2018

Have no fear, the Real Estate Superhero is here! Jeremias “J-Man” Maneiro, a realtor in Rochester, NY, tells us the story of when he carried a client...

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