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Perfect timing because it’s almost Halloween and we’ve got a story that’s going to give you the spooks! Glenn Bill, 30-year real estate industry veteran, recounts the story of a home with bad history and creepy vibes. He tells us of the importance of psychologically affected property disclosures and gives insight on how to learn of your state’s disclosure requirements. Listen in to hear Glenn’s crazy stories – and get a glimpse into the spooky, funny, and just plain unbelievable world of real estate.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:30 –Glenn is a 30-year veteran in the real estate industry and is based in Indianapolis with a team of 6
  • 01:30 – His CSIRE story
  • 01:40 – Glen started out doing estate work and professional farming work
  • 02:00 – He went to a home that was recommended to him, and when he entered it had blood on the walls and carpet
  • 02:30 – There had been a murder suicide at the home, and they asked him what the marketing plan should be
  • 03:00 – The price was listed at a great price but people said they felt a presence and bad karma at the property
  • 03:30 – Glenn believes spirits are real and psychologically affected property disclosures are needed; it was a tragic and creepy sale
  • 04:00 – Another (funnier) CSIRE story
  • 04:10 – He’s had air conditioners sent to and replaced at the wrong address and he’s sold the wrong home
  • 04:30 – There’s nothing better than the industry and the people in the real estate industry
  • 05:00 – Buyers in 1989 had to rely on word-of-mouth for a property, that house today would have a whole different buying process
  • 05:40 – How psychologically affected property disclosures would look like in Glenn’s opinion
  • 06:00 – In Indiana it exists, although it isn’t commonly used; the seller must disclose if a death, killing, or other psychologically affected occurrence happened in the home
  • 06:45 – Check with your state to see what disclosure requirements exists, and ask the right questions
  • 07:30 – Glen knows of a property where an axe murder occurred, but the people living there don’t feel anything odd or strange
  • 08:00 – How to reach Glenn: com
  • 08:30 – He wrote a book called, “The ABC’s of Attitude

3 Key Points

  • Different strokes for different folks!
  • See what the disclosure agreement requirements are for your state – especially if you feel something spooky at a property.
  • The processes to buy a house today have evolved so buyers are better educated on a property before they visit it.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 133: Glenn Bill

Aired on:
October 9, 2018

Perfect timing because it’s almost Halloween and we’ve got a story that’s going to give you the spooks! Glenn Bill, 30-year real estate industry veteran, recounts the story...

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