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Who doesn’t like giving (or receiving!) a good gift, right? Angela Burgess, CEO of the Gaston Association of Realtors, got creative with her gift-giving one Christmas, and the experience left her with a greater appreciation for thoughtful, connecting gifts. It’s easy to get stuck giving generic gifts that end up getting tossed, forgotten or – dare I say it – re-gifted. But, give a gift that connects to a memory or cherished moment with a client, family member, or friend, and you’ve given something much greater than just a one-time gift. Listen in to hear what Angela did, and get inspired to get creative with your gift-giving, too.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Angela is the CEO of the Gaston Association of Realtors and has over 25 years of experience as an executive administrator
  • 03:05 – Angela’s gifts to her adult children on the last Christmas in their home
  • 03:50 – Their family stopped giving Christmas gifts years ago, but in the attic, she found her children’s old toys to give as gifts to each of her adult kids
  • 04:25 – Her kids played with Star Wars games and toys they had had as kids and it was beautiful to sit with those memories
  • 05:45 – Adult kids can buy things themselves, so it was nice to gift something that held a memory and created a beautiful moment
  • 06:24 – Realtors get to know their clients very well and can give their clients a gift that has a deeper connection
  • 07:33 – There are memories in the making in the things clients find when clearing out their home
  • 08:35 – Realtors can help clients make memories
  • 08:50 – Angela found out recently that she’s going to be a grandma and she’s excited to give more childhood gifts this Christmas
  • 09:52 – She looks for stocking stuffers when she travels
  • 10:40 – The intentionality of gift-giving
  • 11:00 – Gift-giving can be a great opportunity for deepening the connection with family and clients
  • 12:00 – Angela’s contact information: angela@gastonrealtors.com

3 Key Points

  1. A routine attic purge could be an opportunity for finding memories and gifts!
  2. Realtors can help clients make memories.
  3. Give creative gifts to deepen the connection with your family, friends, and clients.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 135: Angela Burgess

Aired on:
October 23, 2018

Who doesn’t like giving (or receiving!) a good gift, right? Angela Burgess, CEO of the Gaston Association of Realtors, got creative with her gift-giving one Christmas, and the experience left her...

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