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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


In this episode, Leigh interviews Sean Moore, a former police officer who shifted his career into full time real estate. Even though crazy stuff happens in real estate all the time, this police officer’s buyer’s experience is one of the most unbelievable ones you’ll ever hear—mind your ears, there’s porn in this one!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:28 – Introducing Sean Moore
  • 00:48 – Sean was formerly a police officer but has been in real estate for 12 years
  • 01:01 – His background is in education and training helped him in his real estate career
  • 01:43 – Pre-licensing doesn’t teach you everything you’ll face in the field
  • 02:30 – Sean’s story happened in his 2nd or 3rd year in the business
  • 02:42 – In Columbia, Missouri where he works, new construction was booming
  • 02:48 – A plethora of new construction homes were built and the biggest bracket was the starter home or the 3-2-2 (3BR/2T&B/2CG)
  • 03:27 – Sean was referred to a first-time buyer couple
  • 03:38 – The couple had been clear upfront, informing Sean that they are very thorough in checking properties
  • 03:50 – The couple told Sean they would probably look at a hundred houses before they could make a decision
  • 04:01 – Sean set ground rules for the couple – including giving a login portal for the couple to check out properties on their database
  • 04:17 – He also instructed them to do “drive-bys”
  • 05:03 – The family got into a habit of printing out data sheets on Fridays before driving by the houses
  • 05:19 – Their criteria was New Construction ONLY
  • 05:42 – One particular Friday, Sean answered a phone call, and the woman from the couple was screaming terribly into the phone
  • 06:15 – It took Sean 30-40 seconds to calm the woman down
  • 06:32 – Eventually, he figured out what was going on—there was a porn shoot happening on the property they went to look at
  • 06:42 – The husband got on the phone and validated what his wife said
  • 07:20 – Sean got off the phone and called the listing agent, who happened to be a friend of his
  • 07:42 – Sean told the agent what happened and his agent thought he was joking
  • 08:08 – Sean asked his agent to look into the issue
  • 08:17 – The agent called back after an hour and it turned out the builder of the house had a foreman dating a pornstar – and they had full consent to use the home as a stage!
  • 08:36 – Sean called his buyer back and apologized for what happened
  • 08:53 – The wife’s only comment was, “Well, if we to buy that house, Sean, they would have to steam clean those carpets”
  • 09:27 – Sean has better stories in real estate than in law enforcement
  • 10:17 – Past career experiences can definitely help you out in real estate
  • 10:33 – Sean’s experiences being a street cop vs real estate agent
  • 11:04 – There was a guy who was a police officer with Sean but left his career for real estate
  • 11:15 – Now, 6 ex-law enforcers in Sean’s marketplace are successful realtors
  • 12:06 – Leigh points out that buyers who want to look at a hundred homes maybe difficult to work with
  • 12:26 – Sean’s professionalism led him to make markers and rules around how he and his buyers could make the home-hunt work
  • 13:06 – In real estate, you track 3 numbers – volume, commission earned and units
  • 13:18 – Focus on the units – these are the people and relationships
  • 14:40 – Reach out to Sean Moore Associates at www.sean-moore.com
  • 15:20 – Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate

Key Points:

  1. Your past career experiences can be of great value and help mightily when launching in to a real estate career.
  2. Always be professional with your clients, even when they aren’t behaving in a professional manner.
  3. Be careful of giving your clients free-license to go check out homes unsupervised.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 36: Sean Moore

Aired on:
January 20, 2017

In this episode, Leigh interviews Sean Moore, a former police officer who shifted his career into full time real estate. Even though crazy stuff happens in real estate all the time, this police...

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