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David Burke has been in real estate for close to 20 years and has had to create a system for showing homes near water. Long story short—he keeps towels and umbrellas stocked in his car for his clients. David shares two CRAZY stories that show the playful side of real estate, but also express the importance of being prepared! Leigh welcomes David Burke of Team Paradise, Think Naples, Pelican Bay and Grey Oaks.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:38 – Leigh welcomes today’s guest, David Burke
  • 01:00 – David has been in real estate for close to 20 years; he’s owned a real estate company and has also survived 2 crashes
  • 02:16 – David shares his most interesting story while working with a high end client in Gulf Shore Boulevard of Naples
  • 02:45 – David was working with a couple looking at the 3 and 4 million dollar range elevated residences
  • 03:33 – They were walking along the pool area when the wife exclaimed that she was feeling hot and needed to cool off
  • 04:03 – When David turned around, he saw that the wife was already in the pool with her clothes on and all the other residents were looking at David
  • 04:28 – The husband told David that his wife does this all the time and asked him if he had a towel in his car
  • 04:47 – After the wife cooled off, they went for a walk at the beach where David called his assistant to bring him towels
  • 05:22 – The wife was not wearing underwear and it showed when her outfit got wet
  • 05:51 – Within the same week, David also got to work with someone who was selling their property
  • 06:07 – While they were looking at the property, the client’s Shar Pei gets out because it saw the neighbor’s pot-bellied pig
  • 06:21 – The client was a mid-70 year old retired sergeant who just laughed at the scene
  • 06:44 – The dog’s hair was sticking to David’s all black outfit while the pig wanted to come in through the dog door
  • 07:35 – The pig was a family pet and was large; it couldn’t fit through the dog door
  • 08:19 – David now keeps towels, four umbrellas, a lint roller and a breath mint in his car
  • 09:33 – David says he likes his clients to experience the whole experience of living in Naples and the beach
  • 09:58 – The couple bought a unit in the building and ended up also buying a penthouse
  • 10:17 – When the condominium had its open house, those who witnessed the incident told the story of the woman and they are a well-loved resident of the area because they are down to earth
  • 11:25 – David had a conversation with the Shar Pei owner about how to handle showings in the future
  • 11:57 – David said he was more concerned about the safety of the dog rather than wondering if the client was offended
  • 12:24 – David says he used the experience to have a bonding moment with the client
  • 12:34 – Leigh says realtors are also thinking about the safety of your dogs so it is just better to take them to a safe place away from the house when you have a showing
  • 13:14 – David says to ask your client if they have a pet and what the personality of their pet is
  • 14:03 – As a realtor, you can offer to reimburse the fee for the dog day care up to a certain number and clients will appreciate this
  • 14:49 – Realtors can bring that personable factor and provide solutions when you want to sell your house as opposed to just posting it on a website
  • 15:18 – Check out David’s team at Team Paradise, Think Naples, Pelican Bay and Grey Oaks and call him at 239-784-2831
  • 16:17 – Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate

3 Key Points

  1. If you are a realtor who’s selling beachfront properties, always have a towel ready in your car.
  2. Think fast and act just as quickly for whatever the situation calls for.
  3. Realtors bring that human factor to selling your home as opposed to just posting your property on a website.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 73: David Burke

Aired on:
June 27, 2017

David Burke has been in real estate for close to 20 years and has had to create a system for showing homes near water. Long story short—he keeps towels and umbrellas stocked in his car for...

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