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Imagine coming to a home where you’re scheduled to have an open house. You walk in to find that the house is a complete disaster and the only person to help you out is a young guy with no pants on. Unfortunately today’s guest, Karen Cruz, stumbled upon this very stressful scenario and had to find a way to make this boy hustle and get things done. Dubbed as the Queen of Investment Properties, Karen Cruz has been in real estate for 20 years. Tune in to find out just how hard a realtor will hustle for their client…

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:35 – Leigh welcomes today’s guest, Karen Cruz
  • 00:50 – Karen is located in Moorestown, New Jersey and has bought and invested in real estate for 20 years; she has now decided to help friends and family buy and sell property
  • 01:10 – Leigh says there are more people trying to figure out investment in realty
  • 02:07 – Karen was approached by another agent to do an open house of a town house in Moorestown, New Jersey as she had to go out of town unexpectedly
  • 02:25 – Karen was getting ready for the open house but the room where the signs were was locked, so she asked her husband to get her some from the store
  • 02:42 – Karen arrived at the house and there was a young man who did not have his pants on
  • 03:14 – It was 30 minutes to open house and the house was littered with beer cans, empty wrappers, nerf guns and the like
  • 03:40 – Karen and the guy had to clean the house really fast
  • 04:31 – After cleaning the kitchen, Karen checked the rooms and all the rooms were a mess
  • 05:22 – Karen was cleaning the room and a curtain rod fell on her head
  • 06:02 – After cleaning the rooms, Karen asked the guy why his parents did not tell him about the open house
  • 06:18 – Karen realized she was in the wrong unit
  • 06:57 – All the houses all looked the same and there was a shared driveway
  • 07:18 – Karen arrived at the right house and saw a woman come in from the hallway who turned out to be the owner
  • 08:08 – Karen says realtors get things done under pressure
  • 08:37 – Leigh says the movie American Beauty shows a scene where Annette Benning’s character was realtor
  • 09:11 – The house is still under listing
  • 10:02 – After what happened, Karen thought she had to share her story with Leigh
  • 10:39 – Agents do not know what will happen during an open house and their spouses also play a role as Karen called her husband to help her out
  • 11:27 – Karen says the support system of realtors include their spouses
  • 11:42 – If you a buyer or a seller, you have to respect your realtor’s time with their partner
  • 12:35 – Karen says if you are looking at buying your first property: do your research, reach out to an expert and educate yourself
  • 13:03 – Leigh says find a mentor if you want to go into investment property and join courses
  • 14:07 – Contact Karen at 856-359-4971
  • 11:25 – Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate

3 Key Points

  1. Always check if you are at the right unit or you might end up cleaning someone else’s house.
  2. Make time for your partner as they are part of your support system.
  3. Do your research, look for a mentor and educate yourself if you want to start investing in property.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 74: Karen Cruz

Aired on:
June 30, 2017

Imagine coming to a home where you’re scheduled to have an open house. You walk in to find that the house is a complete disaster and the only person to help you out is a young guy with no pants on.

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