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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Chase after your seller’s dog who is running down the street or show the home to potential buyers? No one really thinks they’d have to ever make this choice with the exception of today’s guest, Chris Donaldson. Leigh welcomes Chris Donaldson, the man behind Donaldson Educational Services. Tune in to find the choice Chris made and how it all paid off in the end.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:21 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:33 – Leigh introduces Chris
  • 01:06 – Chris went to LSU and studied for 5 years
  • 01:45 – Real estate helped Chris pay for his 5th year in college
  • 02:31 – Chris has YouTube videos that are helpful and relatable to realtors
  • 03:36 – Chris has a lot of crazy experiences
  • 03:50 – There was one specific story that happened to Chris when he was still a young realtor
  • 04:08 – Chris was in his early 20s when he scored a listing that was out of FHA loan range
  • 04:53 – Chris had a pair of potential buyers
  • 05:06 – Chris showed up to a meeting with the buyers at the house, all dressed up
  • 05:23 – When Chris opened the door, the family dog ran between his legs, out the door, and down the street
  • 05:55 – Chris decided to go after the dog
  • 06:05 – It was summer and Chris was in a suit, running after the dog
  • 06:15 – Chris was calling the dog until he found it trying to get into another dog’s yard
  • 06:36 – Chris then dragged the dog back to the house and ended up missing his appointment
  • 07:04 – Chris went to a bar and was thinking about the buyers he lost
  • 07:22 – The seller called Chris asking him about the showing
  • 08:00 – The seller asked whose dog was in the house and why is it here
  • 08:11 – The dog tore the house up and Chris was fired
  • 09:06 – The seller called Chris again apologizing
  • 09:30 – The dog was actually the seller’s son’s dog and Chris got the job again
  • 10:31 – The house had rescued dogs before
  • 11:14 – It’s the things that realtors do behind the actual work that earns them their stripes
  • 11:37 – Realtors try to solve problems without even knowing the real deal
  • 12:05 – You cannot control everything in real estate
  • 12:58 – If you’re doing the business the right way, it will work out at some point
  • 14:55 – Find everything about real estate at DonaldsonEducation.com
  • 15:17 – Chris is on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter too
  • 16:06– Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate

3 Key Points

  1. Do the right thing—it WILL work out in the end.
  2. Great realtors go out of their way to do the work behind the actual work.
  3. There are many events in real estate that are unpredictable and uncontrollable—prepare the best you can and just go with it.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 76: Chris Donaldson

Aired on:
July 7, 2017

Chase after your seller’s dog who is running down the street or show the home to potential buyers? No one really thinks they’d have to ever make this choice with the exception of today’s guest...

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