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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Not feeling the love?—Pinky sure wasn’t when a client decided to critique everything from her dress to “the old lady in the bathroom.” While the haters were busy hating, Pinky decided to keep on taking control of the real estate game with creative videos, unique property stories, and…septic tanks?

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Time Stamped Show Notes:
  • 00:56 – Today’s guest is an amazing force in real estate with incredible social media and marketing skills
  • 01:06 – “Pinky Knows Naples” is the name of her show
  • 02:20 – Client story: Pinky loves using video for properties, her community, and everything in her life and appreciates constructing criticism
  • 03:25 – During a walk-through she told her artist-type client to be aware of her art and paint and how it may be perceived by potential buyers
  • 05:36 – She and videographer still filmed the property and the client didn’t like it but didn’t provide constructive criticism
  • 06:30 – She had held a viewing party of the 3-minute video and finally told Pinky that she thinks she “slouches too much”
  • 07:45 – She doesn’t normally share that she had a chronic lung disease as a child that affects her posture, but she shared this with the client, apologizing if it affected the video
  • 08:24 – Client then states that she looked like she was going to “fall out of her dress,” and there was some “old lady in the bathroom,” revealing that the “viewing party” was of multiple of her real estate videos
  • 09:40 – That “old lady in the bathroom” was helping share the story of her home because she loved her bathroom and the vanity
  • 10:30 – Pinky felt like the client was so critical and didn’t understand the concept, and they couldn’t work together because the client couldn’t be made happy and even wanted Pinky’s commission reduced if an offer was less than the asking price
  • 11:50 – “How do I get comfortable in front of the camera?”
  • 12:00 – Know that there will always be critical people and learn to laugh it off and move on
  • 12:25 – There will always be more people who will appreciate what you do rather than critique it
  • 12:40 – Suck it up and recognize their nastiness as a reflection of themselves, and just do you
  • 13:09 – Ask the homeowner why they bought the house and what they love and make that a focal point
  • 13:45 – Even if it’s the fact that there are two septic tanks, find a creative way to showcase it as a selling point: Are you “full of shit?” for example
  • 15:33 – Contact Information: If you are looking for a creative marketer in Naples
  • 15:42 – Website and on Facebook search “Pinky knows Naples”
3 Key Points
  1. Video is an excellent and creative way to tell a property’s story.
  2. There will always be critics – just do you.
  3. Always ask the owner what THEIR favorite part of the house is – then showcase it (unless it’s horrendous “art!”).

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 91: Pinky Benson

Aired on:
October 17, 2017

Not feeling the love?—Pinky sure wasn’t when a client decided to critique everything from her dress to “the old lady in the bathroom.” While the haters were busy hating, Pinky decided...

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