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The nation needs YOU to get involved! Gavin Blair, AE/CEO of the State Realtor Association of Iowa, discusses the passing of first-time homebuyer legislation, the challenges of association life, and the dire need for top producers and working realtors to have a voice and make an impact. Tune in to learn how Iowa is leading the nation and making home buying a reality for first-time buyers, and get inspired to be a voice in your own community.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:40 – Gavin is a AE/CEO of a State Realtor Association in Iowa; goal is to deal with legislature in Iowa, deal with back-office needs, protect rights, and defend its 7,200 members
  • 01:40 – State forms, education for members across the state: founded on code of ethics and constantly focused on that
  • 02:02 – What it means to run the association
  • 02:10 – Advocacy: his background is in politics; he was a lobbyist for the Columbus Board of Realtors
  • 02:52 – Goal is to make sure consumer gets best deal in home ownership
  • 03:20 – Spearheaded something for homebuyers statewide
  • 03:43 – “Braindrain issue:” 70% of students leave after they graduate
  • 03:58 – 5 years they started working on first-time homebuyer legislation and it passed last year
  • 04:05 – Individuals can set aside an account where people can donate and write off donation up to $30,000 for first-time home buying fees
  • 04:45 – Iowa was one of the first states to come up with and implement the idea and he hopes it’ll be nationwide to break the barrier to home ownership
  • 05:23 – Realtors in the organization are aware of this movement, but most realtors aren’t involved or aware of the smaller day-to-day legislations
  • 06:35 – Have provided a way for families to help each other and incentivize saving, despite a decrease in revenue to the state
  • 07:00 – Factoring the home purchase process’s impact to the economy, it provides an influx of cash greater to what the state is losing and is a win-win
  • 07:58 – So many people get paid in the process of a home sale
  • 08:20 – For every house bought in Iowa, about $55,000 is dumped back into the economy (contractors, stores, people, etc.)
  • 08:50 – Homeowners are invested in their community long-term; they give back
  • 09:24 – We get lost in money turnaround over the long-term benefit of home ownership
  • 09:44 – As small businesses grow and they buy buildings, business owners care more about their properties as well vs. large corporations
  • 10:20 – Mega farms buy up small family farms and water contamination has become an issue because they don’t care as much about the community
  • 11:42 – Realtors apart of family farms and rural sales are involved in community upkeep and protection
  • 12:07 – Realtors are both rural and urban – must bridge the gap
  • 12:52 – IAR looks out for both types of communities; 2,500 are urban, the other 5,000 are rural
  • 13:30 – What do you wish you could un-see?
  • 13:42 – Some people are involved in association but aren’t in the everyday business; the best members are in the field everyday
  • 14:03 – The “trade association junkies” aren’t tied so closely to the business so sometimes don’t watch out for the day-to-day agent or consumer
  • 14:11 – Can be time consuming for leadership
  • 14:30 – How do you get top producers to get involved and show up?
  • 14:32 – It comes down to, “How do you help me?” and “What’s in it for me?”
  • 14:45 – Its good for your pocketbook, your referral network, your business, and it’s a way to give back
  • 15:15 – Legislature affects you every day; get involved at the local level
  • 15:36 – Hard part is keeping members involved once they are there at state and local level
  • 15:54 – Members that don’t do a lot of business can dominate a meeting and scare away top-producers and everyday business-doers
  • 16:13 – Top producers are needed in association life because you are touching the most consumers and can be heard
  • 16:33 – You can’t complain if you aren’t engaged
  • 16:50 – We are only as good as the members involved at the association level
  • 17:08 – It is a member driven and focused organization; they care but need your involvement
  • 18:19 – If you are participating in conversations regarding legislature, get into an association to make an impact
  • 18:29 – Reach Gavin through social media: Twitter, (search Gavin Blair), or email: gavin@iowarealtors.com

3 Key Points

  1. Advocacy is intended to make sure the consumer gets the best deal.
  2. Get involved – top producers who touch the most consumers need to be heard.
  3. Joining an association directly benefits you, your pocketbook, and your network.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 96: Gavin Blair

Aired on:
November 20, 2017

The nation needs YOU to get involved! Gavin Blair, AE/CEO of the State Realtor Association of Iowa, discusses the passing of first-time homebuyer legislation, the challenges of association life...

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