Add Some Sparkle to Your Life... With Club Soda

We've got some great ways you can use club soda (other than drinking it, of course).

Clean diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious gems in it. They'll sparkle more than you can imagine!

Greasy stains are stubborn, but club soda can take 'em on. Pour a little club soda on the spots on your clothes and scrub gently. Magic!

Adding some club soda will give you a drink that's refreshing, delicious, low-cost, and much healthier than soda. Give it a try with your favorite juice today!

Club soda is great for getting wine stains out of carpet. So if you have a little mishap and something spills, never fear, club soda is here. Apply a little to the spot, wait, then sponge off.

Club soda will put the gleam back in your porcelain and stainless steel fixtures. Just pout a little on or add some to a spray bottle and you'll be in business.

Club soda's minerals and bubbles are great for your house plants. So give them a little drink and watch them thrive!

Club soda is great for releasing the grit & grime from your countertops. Just pour a bit right on the surface, wipe with a soft cloth, and dry. Shiny!

Club soda & its bubbles are just the ticket to relieve indigestion. Take a few sips, relax, and let those aches disappear.

Bugs can leave a nasty mess on your windshield. But club soda's got that in the bag. Just spray some on the glass and wash those bugs away.

Got rusty nuts and bolts? Club soda to the rescue! The carbonation bubbles away the rust and lets you unscrew them as you need.