Add to your Real Estate Library in 2020

Hey Friends!

I wanted to reach out to you today with a pretty sweet deal! I want to offer you an opportunity to purchase some awesome books that will inspire your agents and members with tools for success in building the best versions of themselves that deal wholeheartedly with real estate and business, written by yours truly!

The 7Deadly Sins of Real Estate and OutrageousAuthenticity

The original pricing of these gems is $14.99 for paperback, and $19.99 for hardback.  
I am offering special bulk pricing TODAY that drops this down to $10.00 paperback, and $15.00 for hardback when you purchase 10 or more.

Go ahead, buy as many as you need.  These make wonderful options for your fundraiser giveaways and speaker events and great team building tools! If you would like to put your order in, please fill out the google form below:


I hope that your 2020 is off to a rockin’ start!

~ Leigh Thomas Brown


REALTOR®. Author. Coach. Keynote speaker. Leigh Brown is laser-focused on inspiring people to be better, strive for more, and to take the reins and lead!

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