All American Cheeseburgers | Crafting Juicy Patty Perfection!

July 4, 2023

Hey friends, welcome to My Kitchen! My Rules!

Just like y'all, we like to cook out, be outside to sit, and drink things like beer. I have my Cabarrus Brewing Vanilla Coffee Blond from right here in Concord, NC at the Gibson Mill. I'm going to show you how to make a delicious cheeseburger by adding some extra special ingredients to your ground chuck. You just need to go grab you some Lea & Perrins Worcestershire, *Secret ingredient* Texas Pete Dust, a little bit of Colby-Jack cheese, and Hidden Valley Ranch mix.

Then a little secret, after you form your patty, put your thumbprint in the middle make it a little bit of a divot. It keeps it from turning into the burger ball. That was made famous by Eddie Murphy once upon a time.

Happy holiday! Enjoy the heck out of some homemade burgers and hotdogs. Remember to say an extra prayer for all the veterans who gave you the freedom to have a day off. And by the way, those freedoms are under attack. Fight for them friends. They were fought for you to have them. Don't let them go.

Complete your Memorial Day menu with my Bacon Baked Beans!

Unleash the Flavor: The Ultimate Homemade Hamburger Recipe
  • Add 2 lbs fresh ground chuck and cover with Worcestershire sauce to turn the meat brown.
  • Add 2 to 3 squirts of Texas Pete Dust, I packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix, and a handful of Colby-Jack shredded cheese.
  • Mix all ingredients by hand.
  • Divide mixture and pat into round patties. Press your thumb into the middle of each patty to create a divot.
  • Head out to the grill and enjoy your cookout!


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