Be the Human Realtor®

Fun fact y’all: being a Realtor® is easy. Right? Every transaction closes on time and problems rarely arise that could cause a fall-through. Homes *always* appraise at the contract price, inspections *only* reveal minor issues, every home has updated paint that is free of lead. Wait. Didn’t you know?

Let’s be real….

If you were a buyer or seller and your Realtor® told you this, what would come to your mind? Probably something along the lines of: ‘This is too good to be true.’ Right?

Then why do we keep painting these beautiful images in prospective clients’ heads that everything is sunshine and unicorns and rainbows? Why do we constantly reassure these very human people that everything is going to work out smoothly, when we ALL know the reality is that there will almost certainly be bumps, tears, and collisions on the road to a closing?

The patented Realtor® throne of lies!

We make the same marketing mistakes like clockwork. We talk about real estate like it’s an easily calculated algorithm that is predictable and explainable when we all know it’s not! Can we take some guesswork out of the equation? The most competent and professional among us can. Can we predict *everything* that is likely to change, adjust, or go wrong throughout the escrow process? Obviously not-you do *not* have an ‘easy button.’ We are all so annoyed with prospective clients turning to any one of the numerous online platforms to do their real estate for them.

Why is this happening? Where did we go wrong?

People are turning to websites because they have been let down by Realtors® on a consistent basis. They have been told that everything will go smoothly, the house will certainly sell at this price point, and the deal will appraise no problem…only to be let down again and again. Where is the honesty in real estate? Where is the humanity?

In my experience, it is SO much more comforting for that REAL individual to hear TRUTH! Go ahead and lay it all out there. Let them know every part of the process: the good, the bad, the ugly, the unknown and the downright heartbreaking.


The human element is powerful. The human element is what brought us into this career in the first place, right? If we are honest and upfront from the get-go, those blindsides are eliminated. We can soften the sting of delays, problems, and breakdowns that accompany almost every deal. We earn the trust that people seek with their Realtor®, and we invest ourselves as heavily into them as they do into us — because the fact is, those relationships are what make everything palatable. We should be acknowledging and marketing to the human element of real estate, with all its flaws and landmines.

The reality is that what we do is hard work. We invest so much time and energy into being an emotional and reasonable manager of unknowns for honest people. We should feel pressure because we know that this is likely to be the biggest financial ‘instrument’ that they will have — the kind of pressure that allows us to perform at the highest level.

When we are bold enough to share our experiences, it allows our clients to have more faith that we can help them achieve whatever goals are most important to them. Our experiences as professional Realtors®, both individually and collectively, are what give our communities confidence that we do indeed have the servant leadership necessary to get to the finish line.

~ Leigh Thomas Brown

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