Ceramic tile floors on a budget

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Making tile floors look great

Are they tile floors or are they...Memorex (just kidding, it's an age test).[/caption]

Well, they're not *really* ceramic tile. But you probably would get down on your hands and knees to touch them before you decided!

If you are on a budget but trying to get your house updated from the avocado green sheet linoleum or the Wedgwood blue/rose combination pattern, you'll see the peel-n-stick vinyl flooring at most home improvement places. However, if you just go with peelin' and stickin', they look as cheap as you think.

Take a look at what happens when you actually take the time to grout those sticky vinyl squares. BOOM! It looks and feels like actual tile. Bonus, it lasts a heck of a lot longer. Consider this if you're on a budget in need of an update!

*This is in a property soon to hit the market in Cabarrus County (Kannapolis) NC. You'll be amazed at what a tight budget can purchase for you!*