Cheerios Don't Just Belong in Your Cereal Bowl (Or On the Floor of Your Car)!

There are lots of ways to use Cheerios you mightn't have thought of!

Put 2 cups of Cheerios in a blender, then add to a warm bath. It'll take the itch out of chicken pox, poison ivy, or other skin irritations (it'll also soothe a sunburn!)

Make a paste from ground-up Cheerios, lemon juice, and honey. Apply the mix to your face, sit back for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Grind a cup of Cheerios in a blender, then empty the powder into a big bowl. Rub the powder on your hands & it'll remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Rinse with cool water, then rub your hands with your favorite lotion.

Cheerios are loaded with beta-glucan, a fiber that can lower your cholesterol levels. So eat those Cheerios. They're good for your heart.

Switch up those marshmallow treats and use Cheerios instead of Rice Krispies. Follow the normal recipe—you can even add M&Ms, raisins or some dry-roasted peanuts, or all three!—for a yummy twist on a classic.