Cheerwine Poke Cake, "It's full of good cheer!"

Hey friends! So, the other day I was thinking, "What kind of recipe could I make to really help cheer people up?" And that's when it it hit me! Cheerwine, "It's full of good cheer!" as the slogan goes.

For this recipe, I'll feature Cheerwine, made locally in Salisbury, NC, as an ingredient. As a matter of fact, I am even drinking a Cheerwine (adult) cocktail today! It's only fitting as the annual Cheerwine festival is right around the corner in May. It's going to be virtual this year so everyone can attend no matter where you live! Check out the link here!

And by the way, you know how I am constantly looking our for added sugars in my ingredients? Those major manufacturers sneak that stuff in everything so we need to be cautious! Well, in this episode, we are going to be kicking caution to the curb and bake a cake with a doctored up box mix, Cheerwine, and Jello!

Watch out! Your family is going to eat this all in one sitting. And it's worth it!

Official Cheerwine Poke Cake recipe:


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