"Consistency" - Original Thoughts by Leigh Brown

From Merriam-Webster, consistency is:

Question: Why do we drink Starbucks? Tim Horton’s? Dunkin Donuts?

Because we know what we want, when we want it, and we want it the same way every time. In fact, what aggravates you at any of these places? Your order not being


What is it about our human nature that craves consistency? That craves routine satisfaction of our needs in a way we expect?

And considering THAT, do you perhaps see why real estate and Realtors drive consumers mad?

Our industry is made up of 1.2 million Realtors (and that’s not even counting the other million or so licensees who do not subscribe to the Code of Ethics). Realtors are entrepreneurs. Doing things their own way. Building their own businesses. Renegades. Free thinkers. Which is great if YOU are the Realtor. But if you are the consumer… that means every time you need something in real estate-you are very likely going to have a different experience.

Is that why consumers prefer starting with Zillow or Realtor.com before calling a human? Fear of the unknown?

And before some of you start patting yourselves on the back for being the better experience-are you consistent, even within the confines of your own business? Or do you treat buyers and sellers differently based on what day/what time of day they contact you or how busy you are?

What I’ve observed over the past 16 years in the business, is that the most successful Realtors, who are bringing the customer service experience to new heights, are consistent in their client approach. They’re never in fear of a HUD tester or not following Federal Fair Housing laws, because they treat every single phone call the same way. Their clients respect their business model and their personal time because their expectations have been set and met.

What would your business look like-what would the consumer think about Realtors as a whole-if we were more consistent in how we treat the public?

One of the biggest ideas I ever implemented into my business was learned at a StarPower conference years ago-to utilize buyer and seller intake sheets. If you’ve ever heard me speak, you know this is in just about every presentation-because yes, it’s
important! When you answer the phone and try to make it up new every time, that’s when you fail to get the most important pieces of information. Or worse, you get the info but jot it down on the back of a gas receipt which then gets shoved into your console and you never call that person back.

Instead. Every time your phone rings with someone in real estate need, ask this very simple question:

Permission-based sales is a methodology that works. You’re also bringing a modicum of grace back into society by saying ‘May’. Asking permission before digging in lets the consumer decide if they want to go that far. If they say no, then graciously thank them and let them off the phone. If they say yes, you can begin a professional relationship that likely looks very different than their past experiences-and if many Realtors will do this, consistency will begin taking hold across the board.

Now, let’s just say that you don’t have intake sheets built. And because you’re a Realtor and allergic to paperwork anyway, you don’t want to. Here are mine. Take them and use them.
. Because let’s call it what it is. Adding a system only helps if you USE it. Which will take effort and discipline... AKA hustle!

Even better, let me know what happens to your real estate business and how your client interactions are changed by getting more consistent. I’ll wager that the response will amaze you-but then, you too know how it feels when Starbucks