Home Office Setup for Virtual Real Estate

Home Office Setup

For REALTORS® Doing Business in the New Virtual Real Estate Reality,

And any business, as we are weeks into our stay-at-home ordinance with the Coronavirus pandemic. Different levels of what "stay-at-home" means depending on your country, states, city or county guidelines, but one thing for sure, we are all having to figure this out pretty quickly!

My dining room=my office! My co-workers here have laid claim to other rooms.

From this space, I am able to abide by stay-at-home orders while still:

Working out a repair request on a listing
Meeting via zoom with a developer buyer client about a new project
Meeting with a first time buyer via zoom to chat about timing and interest rates and when we can go see a house
Delivering virtual education via zoom to @coastalcarolinasrealtors

Links to all the crap I have ordered from Amazon to make this work!
And yes, that lighting makes a *huge* difference!

Blue Yeti USB Mic: $89.90 (Amazon price 4/30) Link
Ring Light Kit 55W Bluetooth LED Ringlight Lighting with Tripod Stand: $129.00 (Amazon price 4/30)Link
Multi-Angle Laptop Stand: $54.99 (Amazon price 4/30)Link
Old Bay Pattern Coffee Cup: $19.99 (Amazon price 4/30)Link
Zoom for video with split screen, conference rooms – Link

Extra tip: If you don't want your clients or co-workers to see your home during a Zoom meeting, learn how to use the virtual backgrounds feature. Not everyone has a home office, so folks attending a video meeting might be in a bedroom, kitchen, or other space that all attendees can see when the video is enabled. Letting coworkers into your private space can be uncomfortable, which is why Zoom offers virtual backgrounds that let users easily hide what's behind them. Find great Royalty Free background images at unsplash.com.


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