How Colored Paper Saved My Real Estate Business

February 22, 2024

Juggling piles of paperwork is just part of being a real estate agent, but it was really starting to get in the way of my success. Prospects would call and I'd have no idea where I wrote down their information. Deals were falling through because I lost important notes. I knew I needed to get organized, and the solution was surprisingly simple - colored paper.

Organizing Your Incoming Leads

When buyers or sellers first contact me, I immediately transfer their details to a sheet of colored paper. Blue is for anyone looking to purchase, while yellow flags listing leads. This small change makes such a big difference when I'm searching through paperwork. Those colored sheets really pop out!

Staying on Top of Follow Ups  

I also keep my colored note sheets everywhere - car, home office, purse. That way if someone calls and I don't have all the details on hand, I can easily find my notes later. My memory isn't perfect, so this system saves me from dropping the ball on important follow ups.

Providing a Professional Experience

Color coding has totally changed my business. Clients notice the organization and attention to detail. It helps me provide that polished service buyers and sellers expect. Are you tired of disorganized paperwork dragging you down? Try adopting my simple colored paper method - it might be the key to mastering your real estate business.

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