Top REALTOR® Leigh Brown Recognized Nationally for Teaching Others to Succeed

September 1, 2021

Successful REALTOR® Leigh Brown has long been established as a connected member of her North Carolina community. Always a powerful advocate for her clients, she quickly became a source of wisdom and business savvy leadership in the greater REALTOR® community. As a best-selling author of three powerful business how-to books, Leigh excitedly shares her expertise with anyone looking for ways to ignite their passions and create the outcomes they want. Now, her work as a speaker has earned her the prestigious CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation.

Each year, the National Speakers Association® (NSA) gathers at its INFLUENCE Conference, a collection of elite professional speakers from all over the world.  Only a handful of speakers—less than 17%—ever earn the CSP designation, and the NSA has strict criteria for choosing who receives the CSP.  In July, at the 2021 INFLUENCE Conference, the NSA was pleased to honor 27 professional speakers with the 2021 CSP Designation including Leigh Brown.  

Earning the CSP is no small task,” said NSA Board chair Mike Staver.  “To achieve this designation, the professional speaker must show documented proficiency over a minimum of five years, must receive positive evaluations from their clients, and must be evaluated and affirmed through a peer-review process.”

Receiving the CSP marks a new high in Leigh’s exciting career. Currently, Leigh serves as VicePresident of Advocacy for the National Association of REALTORS® as well as the REALTORS® Relief Foundation Vice President, so her work as a REALTOR® and in the REALTOR® community is far from over. Yet, her influence as a speaker on stages around the country continues to grow as organizations turn to her for everything from leadership skills to lead generation and sales. The CSP Designation signifies to meeting professionals and large organizations that Leigh Brown is experienced, qualified, and exceptionally capable to lead as a speaker.

“Being an education 'junkie' means I spend a fair amount of my time taking classes, reading, looking for new ideas...and it also means that I can chase career credentials like the CSP. I've been professionally speaking for over a decade, and this designation is such an honor, I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever make it! I see the alumni list and have to pinch myself that I'm now included.  What that means to me is that I have more work to do, and more speakers to encourage onto this path as well!”
~ Leigh Brown, CSP, REALTOR®, Author, Coach, Keynote Speaker

Please join us in congratulating the entire CSP Class of 2021!

CSP Class of 2021

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~ Leigh Brown


REALTOR®. Author. Coach. Keynote speaker. Leigh Brown is laser-focused on inspiring people to be better, strive for more, and to take the reins and lead!

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