NC REALTORS® President 2023 Mission

September 29, 2022

NC REALTORS® President 2023 Mission

Member/President of the largest professional trade association in the great state of North Carolina. Proudly working alongside 57,000 fellow Realtors® in our quest to preserve and enhance property rights and entrepreneurship for all. #WeOpenDoors

101 have held this chair before me, and I'll be the 102nd to keep it warm for those who come next.  

I'm so honored to begin service as the president of the NC Realtors. It's more than a volunteer job, it's an opportunity:

*To help raise the voices of all who choose this honorable profession as real estate consultant

*To represent those who choose to uphold and live by the oldest Code of Ethics in the United States

*To ensure the opportunity to achieve the American Dream is available to every citizen in every one of North Carolina's 100 counties

*To protect this great entrepreneurship opportunity which has lifted countless thousands into a life made possible by their own hard work and determination

*To find joy in service alongside colleagues who pour their own hearts and souls into neighbors they may never meet

I'm determined to leave this great organization better than I found it- to elevate higher every single team member alongside me- to never take for granted the election to this position.

You're going to hear me mention #Team23 a LOT this year. Who is that referencing?  YOU, my fellow NC Realtors®. I'm looking at the photos from 2022 and can't wait to add a zillion more to the collection come December 31.

Thanks in advance for standing with me and the chickens!


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~ Leigh Brown, President, NC REALTORS®

Leigh Brown has carved a unique path as an author, public speaker, and real estate professional known and respected in her home community and throughout North Carolina. A proud native of Cabarrus County and a Tarheel graduate, she is a third-generation family member to pursue a similar calling.

Leigh is genuinely honored to be President of NC REALTORS® and to serve every citizen of North Carolina through real estate and advocacy for this great profession. Leigh's enthusiasm is infectious, and her commitment to public service is second to none. She is passionate about helping others to learn, grow and achieve their full potential as community and professional leaders.

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Real Estate Broker. Author. Coach. CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) Keynote speaker. Leigh Brown is laser-focused on inspiring people to be better, strive for more, and to take the reins and lead!

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