New Home Construction - Video #3: Completing the Process

June 6, 2018

So the drywall is up, the paint is fresh, and your skeleton home now looks like the home you have dreamed of for many months. What can you expect when moving into your new home? What do you need to look for?

The best step in the home building process is the completion stage. There isn’t a feeling quite like moving into your new home. No one has lived here before, and you can make the home completely yours.

There are already personal touches throughout the home. Your customizations are in full visual view, and the entire reasoning you had behind building your brand new home has been realized in full circle.

Before you can pack everything up and move it into your new home, there are a few minor things you will need to do before you and your REALTOR° sign off on the home. Major items like flooring, light fixtures, accents, and trim need to be inspected by a professional. We have you covered!

When you go into a newly finished home, you will often see dozens of pieces of tape stuck to the walls all over the house. Don’t worry for a second! These are simply identification marks that have been identified by you and/or your REALTOR° as areas that need to be addressed. Often times, these are paint issues, scrapes, dings, etc. Minor cosmetic issues are easily fixed by your builder.

New homes will go through minor cosmetic changes as they go through their initial heating and cooling phases. This will make minor issues like nail pops and paint peel rear their ugly heads. In North Carolina, your builder has to honor a one-year walkthrough of your new home. As this initial year progresses, you should keep a running list of issues that you discover. If done properly, this will allow your builder to address the issues efficiently at the one-year point.

It is vitally important that you have a great REALTOR° by your side in the new home construction process. Give our team a call today! 704-750-5417

We would love to work with you and get you into the brand new home of your dreams.