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February 2, 2021

My Kitchen! My Rules! | New Year! New Rules?

Well!  It’s been a fast new year so far! Barely two weeks in and I’m busy as can be - so this recipe is one of my go-to-speedy-gonzalez meals that I can have ready in 30 minutes with very minimal prep.  Pretty darn smart of me, if I say so myself!

Casseroles are just a wonderful meal. No matter if it’s chock full of meats and cheeses, or just vegetables and sauces - prepared for vegans or vegetarians - one thing a great casserole can do - is feed anyone!  They’re a wonderfully flexible dish!

So, new rules for the new year today in my kitchen, DO YOU when it comes to the ingredients you have in YOUR pantry.  Just grab whatever tickles your fancy and makes your mouth water.  We won’t judge!  In fact, we will join you as that is how we roll, too.  Comfort food is what makes YOU comfortable.  Just happens that this recipe combines all the good stuff that will feed us heartily and with more than one bowl each! Yeah!

If I’ve peaked your interest in my kind of ‘fast food’ - check out my Tex-Mex Turkey Cornbread Casserole I made before … it may give you some inspiration and friends, it has CORN BREAD baked in! You can’t go wrong with that! Talk about delish!

2021 is off to a great start and I’m so pleased you’re still hanging with me in my kitchen … Please don't forget if you have any realty buying or selling questions, you can call on this girl!  And if your association or brokerage needs a speaker, DM me because I am ready to share my trade secrets with you — Let’s all thrive together!

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