How to Properly Address an Envelope... Just In Case You Just Are Not Sure!

February 20, 2018
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Welcome back, folks! It’s time for another Leigh Brown PSA. This is Part 3 of our series,

Sending a handwritten note shouldn’t be a thing of the past. People love to hear how amazing they are and taking the time to reach out and tell someone that they have done a wonderful job makes them feel special and appreciated. If someone takes the time to send you a check, a gift card, a book or anything you should take the time out of your life to send them a note to say thank you. For parents with young kids, force them to write thank you notes and start developing this habit early.

– Go out and buy some nice stationary, envelopes, and stamps.
Something fancy, maybe lined, with your initial, a little color or a cute pattern. It’s worth the investment and don’t freak out, but you’re going to have to fork out some cash for stamps too. Look for Forever Stamps that keep their value for just that long. Even when stamp prices go up (and you know they will) the cute Valentine and Christmas stamps you buy today will still be good when you find them in the junk drawer 10 years down the road.

- Pull out a new envelope and take a deep breath.
A blank canvas can be intimidating, but I am going to walk you through it. In the top left corner write your "return address", this would be YOUR name and business name beneath it (if you have one). Write small, clearly and in straight lines. Sounds easy but it may take some practice! Next, write your address, then city, state and zip code. Don’t know your zip code? It’s about time – look it up online. I know you already know how to do that.
and be sure to leave some space at the bottom of the envelope for the post office to do their thing. Pop your stamp into the top right corner and you are good to go.