Realtors® and Ethics

June 19, 2019

Realtors® and Ethics

Originally published June 11, 2019 on LinkedIn

American Beauty. Modern Family. Santa Clarita Diet.

I can go on and on about the portrayal of Realtors® in the view of Hollywood. Long story short, it's not exactly flattering. Granted, not all in this profession are created equal-my wager is that they're not equal in yours, either. However, you would still like the public to know that the best among you (and even the mediocre, to be honest) are doing good things.

*Did you know that to carry the Realtor® R, that person with the shiny name badge has to pledge to abide by the Realtor® Code of Ethics?

*Did you know that the Realtors® were the first profession to put their Code in writing and require members to abide by it (over 100 years ago) and are also self-policing among members?

*Did you know that Realtors® have volunteer members who update and evaluate the Code on a regular basis to ensure protection of the public and one another?

*Did you know that Realtors® have to take a class to update their knowledge and implementation of the Code every two years?

With that being said, pay attention on June 27, when we have the second National Ethics Day! We'll be streaming live from the Citrus Valley Association of Realtors® in California and broadcast to thousands of Realtor® members nationwide, in an effort to discuss improving professionalism and practice for YOU-the one who buys and sells real estate. Our hashtag is #NationalEthicsDay and your Realtor® association can still sign up to be a part of this annual event. Just email for details.

*One additional note-this educational event is also a fundraiser for the Realtor® Relief Foundation, dedicated to providing housing assistance in times of natural disaster. Want to know more about that amazing organization which has distributed over $28,000,000 in relief funds over 18 years? NAR.Realtor/RRF has all the details!

(also, if you want to see the Facebook Live video from June 11 with info, it's here:)

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