Seven Tips REALTORS® Should Implement Now!‍

September 1, 2021

Leave no doubt about who you are. Define yourself as a REALTOR®, answer your phone, use video to your advantage, connect with people and organize—and prioritize—your contact list!

Thank you to OC REALTORS® for hosting me for a Virtual Training Series for their REALTOR® Members. We kicked off this summer with Top Ten Tips You Can Implement Now! We were having so much fun and diving deep through the first 7 tips as recapped in their monthly magazine article.

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Seven Tips You Can Implement Now Article by Leigh Brown
OC REALTOR®: September/October 2021

Seven Tips REALTORS® Should Implement Now!

1.    Define yourself as a REALTOR®

You're at the best moment ever for revamping the marketing for your real estate business, because you should now be closer to your clients than you've ever been. So what makes a realtor successful? It is not knowledge.It's not competence. The thing that makes you a successful REALTOR® to start with is that you're likable and that you're able to connect to people. You're there because of the client and you've got to be able to articulate that.

2.    Get consistent.

Think about your strategy. The public needs to know how you operate. When they do, it will change your business forever. Operate your business in a consistent manner. Use intake sheets in different colored paper to help identify buyers from sellers when you have a stack of paper on your desk. Write down the client’s details. Stay organized.

3.    Talk to people.

Talk to people on the phone. I do not know why REALTORS®like to text. The phone’s ringing. Do not ponder whether to decline or accept.Chances are, when you can call back, they’ve already contacted eight other REALTORS®until they got one. So answer your phone. And here's how you answer it: A greeting, first name, last name, company, affiliation, period.

4.    Beyond the first contact.

When you call – spoiler alert! – if they don't want to talk to you, they'll hit decline and send you to voicemail. And then you say your greeting in the voicemail, with the message, “Hey, if you need anything, call me back. If you don't, I'll talk to you soon.” That takes all the pressure off.  

5.    You already knew this was coming! Video.

You’ve got to do video. The pandemic has been a gift to manyREALTORS® because they were allergic to video before. But now because of Zoom, you've had to get comfortable with it. Video is a great way to let people hear your voice and see your eyes and know that you're a human and not a bot.  

6.    Missionary Style (aka Taking Social MediaOffline)

I coined the phrase missionary style real estate, long time ago, that's belly to belly, nose to nose, toes to toes. You’ve got to think about how to take your social media life and expand it to be connected to people. Sometimes as REALTORS®, we dial into things that we may or may not like, because we think we're supposed to. Well, whatever you like, make that your number one place to spend money and time because then it will be good for your soul, too.

7.    Who’s Who?

Learn how to take those quiet moments in business and clean things up. Clean up your database.  Make categories of contacts. My contacts bracketed in diamonds are people who actively send me business. This is how specific it is: In the last 12 months have they sent me somebody? Whether they bought or sold is irrelevant. Be sure to think about that. Often we only honor the people who send us closed business. Think about the people who give you anat-bat because they're actively advocating for you in the community. Some of you call them VIP's or top 50s, but my biggest tip is to go through and prune it.

~ Leigh Brown


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