The Legacy I Am Building

Not the usual names one expects to be called, but the names I’m called every now and again.I’m not convinced that any of these are said with malice, but when you’re an admittedoverachiever who still wants to be warm and fuzzy on occasion they can sting.


It would seem that most folks don’t start really talking about their legacy until their 70s or 80s.At that point, youwould hope that what’s in place is good­ because moving the needle can betricky at any age, much less when your clock is ticking louder. I probably worry about legacya little too much. My DD (who’s 10, BTW) loves to visit graveyards and cemeteries, so we havelots of conversations about what would belong on my tombstone.


Will I be remembered for my smile? Or for being efficient? For being overly cheerful with aglass that’s not only halffull but is generally overflowing? Or for being the woman who gets itall done?


I don’t know how many years the good Lord will grant me. Who knows what paths I will take,who will cross those paths, and what will ensue? I do know this. I might be an anomaly, Imight be a machine, but that’s just me. I’ll probably never learn to relax­ it’s not my nature. I’llprobably always be the one who raises my hand to chair the committee or make somethinghappen (even if it stresses me the heck out). Don’t call me superwoman, though ­mysuperpowers are a bit too obscure for public consumption ­well, except for one.

Real estate. It’s kinda cool when you start thinking legacy. Very few careers allow anindividual the most intimate glimpse into someone’s else’s life, which Realtors are granted.We counsel people through a huge transition, we know more about their finances and theirrelationships and their children and their parents than probably anyone else (except perhapsa preacher). We’re there for them. When our days end, we may actually be rememberedoutside of our personal family circles ­if we do this right, caring and investing in our clients’lives.

Back to the idea of name-­calling... it would seem that some in the sphere think it’s an insult tocall someone a Realtor. I find it to be an amazing part of the legacy I am building.