The Real Causes of the Housing Affordability Crisis and What We Can Do About It

March 4, 2024

As a long-time real estate professional, I've seen firsthand how the affordability crisis has impacted communities across the country. While politicians love to blame realtors, the real causes run much deeper - and the solutions aren't as simple as they make it seem.

Supply and Demand Imbalances

Local governments have a big hand to play when it comes to housing supply. By saying "no" to needed development and restricting housing diversity, they artificially limit supply and drive prices up. We need leaders who understand smart growth and will approve a mix of housing types at all price points.

The Role of Regulations

Overregulation by federal agencies like the DOJ and FHA has also constrained supply. Meanwhile, credit bureaus have amassed too much power over consumers' financial lives. Reducing red tape can open doors to homeownership.

Rising Rents Hurt Everyone

When costs increase for landlords, rents go up - and rent control policies only make the affordable housing shortage worse. We must support mom-and-pop owners so tenants have stable housing options.

Fixing the Root of Inflation

By reining in money printing and quantitative easing, the Fed can help stabilize the dollar and bring housing costs back within reach. Continued stimulus will only drive prices higher.

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