The Real Truth About Burnout That No One Wants To Admit

March 25, 2024

I've been in real estate for over 20 years now, and throughout that time I've seen it all - booming markets, crashing markets, and everything in between. But nothing could have prepared me for the frenetic pace and non-stop demands of the past two years. As agents, we're expected to be upbeat and positive at all times, but behind the scenes many of us feel depleted. Recently, even I was struggling with a level of burnout I didn't think was possible. In this post, I'm sharing my story and the surprising solution that got me back to feeling like myself again.

Acknowledging The Problem is The First Step

It wasn't until a good friend privately reached out for help that I realized just how exhausted I felt. As leaders, we're so used to being the ones with all the answers that it can be hard to admit our own weaknesses. But as soon as I allowed myself to own up to the burnout, I felt a weight lift.

Disconnecting is Vital (But Easier Said Than Done)

I knew I needed to make a change, but thought I had to go all out with a vacation - something just not feasible in this market. What I discovered is that even just an hour of true disconnection from devices can work wonders. Now I make sure to power everything off for quiet time every day.

Feeling Refreshed Means Better Service For Clients

Reconnecting with clients when I'm in a good headspace has made all the difference. They can tell I'm fully present instead of just pushing through. As a result, my business has been thriving in new ways.

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